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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: “DAY OF MIRACLES” will be Telecast to Billions on 9/11/09 From the Producers of “HOMETOWN LEGEND”, a Warner Brothers release, (co-produced with best selling author Jerry Jenkins and his son Dallas “Left Behind” series) comes the most important documentary of the year, “DAY OF MIRACLES”. This film has been awarded 2 film festival awards as well as the DOVE SEAL and Movieguide approval. During the week of 9/11, 2005 it will be telecast to Billions, world-wide through, Daystar one of the world’s largest satellite television networks and several North American networks, including i-Lifetv, Sky Angel and Cornerstone while being translated into numerous languages through TBN! “Day of Miracles” is the new documentary about the “True-Life- Survivors” of the event at the New York Twin-Towers on September 11, 2001 is probably one of the first films to be in theatrical release projected digitally in theatres. “Day of Miracles was shot through the courtesy of Panavision in Woodland Hills, on a HD24P (High Definition) digital camera donated for this project to the non-profit, American Entertainment Foundation, Ltd. Producer Leslie Mc Ray said, “We did not want to show the horrors or the political nature of the 9/11 event but rather how God intervened under the most terrible conditions. The “Stars” are the actual survivors of 9/11: Sujo Jon was in Tower One when the first plane crashed just above his head. He was able to lead a group of people down the staircase while the exterior of the building peeled like a banana. He then find out that his pregnant wife was in Tower Two. Janelle prayed for God to help her and the next day she was the only one alive and was found standing up asleep amidst the rubble. Both Tom and Deena Burnett had the vision that he was going to die young and that it had something to do with the White House. He was one of the brave men that overcame the terrorists on the flight Headed for the White House. Reenactments of the events are portrayed by some Hollywood notables including: T.J. Meyers, who co-starred in “Intolerable Cruelty”, “Impossible Heist” and “Who’s Your Daddy”, Brenda Epperson and Kimberly Estrada both Veterans of “The Young and Restless” and “Million Dollar Baby”, Bryan Brightcloud, who is the direct descendant of Iron Eyes Cody , Lisa Hart Carroll, who co-starred in “Terms of Endearment” with Debra Winger, as well as Alex Folk, of “Police Academy” and “National Lampoon’s Christmas”. Richard Smith, Executive Producer said “The experience of working with the brand new technology HD24 Sony camera was amazing. This video camera enables the project to be released on HD tape without needing to transfer to film and still have the “Film Look”. The challenges in this documentary were finding locations and how to reproduce the conditions under which the survivors were able to escape from the crumbling buildings. “Miraclefilms.com” involvement in “Day of Miracles” was to demonstrate that the 9/11 attack failed to divide and defeat the American spirit but actually resulted in a revival unity and amazing spiritual patriotism.
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